Discover the 25 photographs selected by visitors to the exhibition

During the exhibition « In the Studio » held at le Petit Palais from 05th April 2016 to 17th July 2016, visitors have voted and commented over 100 artist’s workshops photographs from the city of Paris’s collections. Discover now the 25 most selected photographs from those co-curators in the virtual exhibition “In the Studio”.


In the celebrities’ privacy
When a photographer enters a studio, it is most of the time on request: a magazine or newspaper asks for the portrait of a prominent artist. Many artists pose, recognizing the importance of these portraits for their promotion and media success. Images more intimate are rare, and this is what makes them so valuable and fascinating.
Unknown artists
The amateur painters know it: an easel in the street is enough to make the onlookers crowd around. It is not because you are not a famous artist that you can’t catch the attention! Closer to us in their very anonymity, those artists whose name escapes us bring art back to what it should always be: a pleasure shared by all.
Stools, ladders and scaffolds
When we see works inside museums, their intensely physical dimension might escape us. Nevertheless, it takes energy to paint and sculpt! Perched on a scaffold or ladder, haunted by the image of stairs leading who knows where, the artist, like a tightrope walker, is always delicately balanced.
Working hands, partner hands
The artists’ hands, like musicians’, have always fascinated photographers. They are the first tool, the link between the creative mind and the work - the thinking and acting organ. We must decode their language and observe their ballet as close as possible to understand the birth of art. The flexing of a wrist or the tension of a finger is already are already the beginning of a signature.
Dummies or beings of flesh and blood, the models are the artist’s silent companions. We often forget their presence in the studio, even if without them – women, most of them – the work wouldn’t exist.
Game of mirrors
Confined to the model role for too long, docile object offered to the artist’s eyes, women have fought for and won their place in the art world. Once became painters, sculptors and photographers, they offer us complex images of themselves, staging the being and its reflection, reality and fantasy.